In Turkey, Seeing Cats


I’m guessing Turkey doesn’t have a rat problem. Wherever I went I saw cats. They are everywhere. When I got home I was surprised at how many of pictures of cats I ended up with. So, since the Internet loves cats, I figured I’d share some.



Here’s a guy waiting for the next tourist to come along and toss it fish under the table. A strategy that works quite well.

He didn’t have to say anything. I knew what he wanted. So I showed him my ID. He just looked away. He was just like a bouncer!

Okay. I’m not sure what’s going on here. Either I caught him in the middle of puking, or he’s considering eating something. The eyes kind of have a “what did I just do to myself?” look.

Apparently this is the thing to do in Turkey if you’re a cat. You hover over manhole covers. Maybe he’s sending a message to the leader of the rat world on the other side.

These two guys are playing the mirror game. I think they were stoned. They were intently staring at each other throughout my little photo shoot.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking Hey! I’ve already seen that cat! But you’d be wrong. This is a different cat! They were all related I think. There were three or four of these guys roaming around.

Okay. This one you have seen. But it was a different picture, and besides, it was really small. This guy impressed me. Here he is–in the middle of Ephesus, at rush hour, the place filled with screaming and whining tourists, moaning for bottled water and maybe a mister or a pocket air conditioner or something–cool as a cucumber.

Boy, I really do have a lot of cat pictures. Even now, as I’m plugging these pictures in here, I’m getting a little exhausted. Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I appear to have several more stupid cat pictures. The good news is you get a sneak peak of my next post, The Dogs of Turkey Must Hate Themselves.

Okay, so here’s a cat laying on a carpet. Let’s keep going…

Well, at least, thankfully for all of us, I didn’t pull the kittens away and photograph them individually. So that’s something.

Here’s one that just got a free cigarette filter to eat. Good for him.

I’m going to Google Turkey and Cat Infestation. Okay, I think we’re down to the last one…

Look at this guy! All dark and sinister! He almost crossed in front of me, but I gave him the Evil Eye. Or the cheap bracelet I bought did.

Okay. That’s it. It’s over. That was a lot of cats. Made me sneeze just looking at all of them.

And now, a sneak preview of my next post, “Boy, Does It Seriously Suck to be a Dog in Turkey.”



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